Does Forskolin Help You Lose Weight?

Since obesity has become a global problem affecting over 60% of the total American population and over 40% of the total European population, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are giving their lifestyles a drastic change in order to avoid plenty of health problems linked to overweight and obesity. Some do it for their own personal image, others to please their beloved ones or family members, while just a few do it to gain a better health and a stronger body. However, no matter the reason, weight loss has become a very popular subject amongst people of all ages and nationalities.

The hunger of achieving the perfect body and lose weight is so powerful that people are willing to try out new and expensive medications, diets or even resort to doubtful pills and therapies only to get rid of those extra pounds. Unfortunately, most of them manage to draw some even more important health issues, while strict diets will only determine the appearance of the “yo-yo” effect after the person starts resorting to common dietary habits prior to the diet.

Nevertheless, there are countless lotions and potions on the market, some natural and some 100% chemical claiming to help you achieve weight loss. One of them is forskolin, a natural plant compound praised to have benefic effects for people who want to lose weight fast.

But does the forskolin for weight loss really work? Read below and judge for yourself.

The fuss around forskolin

The current worldwide trend is to constantly find new substances, preferable of natural compounds to polish them into becoming the new “it” plants and remedies when it comes to fighting obesity and overweight problems. From goji berries to detox cleansing therapies to doubtful roots and “Asian” plants – some people are desperate to try everything in order to achieve that flattering figure they always wanted. Unfortunately, most of them become victims of scam actors and producers who are only working for their own profit, sometimes selling products which have absolute zero effects, while other times even end up selling dangerous products.

So what is all the full around forskolin and its magical weight loss properties?

Apparently, there are only two medical studies that indicate a certain connection between the positive effects of forskolin and weight loss. The first study conducted on obese and overweight men seem to indicate some benefic effects of forskolin intake, leading to decreasing the body fat percentage and the overall fat mass, which later led to weight loss.

The second study was even more reluctant in directly linking forskolin intakes to weight loss, as the subjects did not merely experience magical weight loss over night, but more did not gain weight further.

Thus, directly linking forskolin to weight loss is quite premature and frankly un-backed by scientific and medical studies. The only two studies conducted are inconclusive and, even though there are some benefits linked to patients who received forskolin intakes, it is hazardous to claim that weight loss had anything to do with the administration of this substance on obese and overweight patients, both men and women.