Enabling Thousands of People around the World to Sleep Soundly: Sleep Spray

Sleep is an integral part of life. It plays an unquestionable role towards an individual staying healthy and towards their growth and development. One ought to have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every 24 hours to feel alerted and well rested. Numerous studies conducted at different universities and labs across the world have shown that sleep-deprived individuals may act rude, are obstructive and seem obtuse. They also found that sleep-deprived workers showed negative attitude at their workplaces leading to extended working hours which in turn caused sleep deprivation again, eventually leading to a vicious cycle.

Enter sprayable sleep. This revolutionary product is aimed at giving you a sound sleep which relaxes you after a long day at work. This orally administrable product looks like a breath freshener and can get you ready for sleep in just 15 minutes. So say goodbye to insomnia or to the effects of a jet lag. Your sleeping habits are now going to be back, courtesy of this sleep-inducing product.

  • Natural Ingredients Increases Its Effectiveness

The ingredients used to make this product are completely natural, without any side effects, so you won’t find yourself getting addicted to it like sleeping pills. With active natural ingredients like CBD, Melatonin, GABA and Valerian Roots, side effects such as Fatigue, Slow Thinking and other appetite or stomach disorders which are common in the case of sleeping pills, are absent in this product.

  • Scientifically Proven: It’s Safe and Effective

As far as safety is concerned strict quality control measures are employed while manufacturing every batch of this wonderful product and they are certified free from any GMOs, so rest assured, there won’t be any ill effect of this product on your body. Before launching this product, extensive clinical tests have been conducted, and it has actually proven to be a very effective yet a harmless solution aimed at solving your sleep disorders. It’s also effective for people who may be just a bit stressed and are looking for a quick, natural and safe solution for a well-rested mind so that they may excel in their forthcoming endeavors.

  • A Fresh, Flavoured Pocket Genie

The product comes in a small 8ml packaging with an easy dispenser which can be easily carried wherever you may go for long durations. This little innovation can fit your pocket, purse or even a wallet, to be with you always and help you fall asleep no matter how far you may be from your home. Just spray it under your tongue, give it a few seconds and then swallow it. It’s fresh peppermint flavor will get you to a pleasant sleep within minutes.

Features at a Glance:

  • Most Effective Sleep Inducing Spray Designed
  • Innovative, user-friendly and patent pending product
  • Best suited for shift workers and travelers

Sleep is indispensable for everyone. Incomplete or inadequate sleep will surely have detrimental effects on your health. Do not deprive your body of the sleep it needs. This sleep-inducing product will give you the ultimate, natural and safest sleeping experience you have always yearned for.